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                                        Welcome to DIY SLIME PARTY in the UK
                                          Slime party organisers and entertainers in the UK.

Are you ready to dive into this wacky, oozy, sticky fun mess of an activity that we call a slime party? Our “mad scientists” are ready to lead a captivating learning experience that your kids will remember for years. Kids can unleash their creativity while having fun and making colorful keepsakes! Slime parties are the best kind of a mess, they are a blast that provides sensory play, and gives kids a learning experience without them even realizing it. There are so many different ways to customize the slime with color, texture, and add-ins (glow powder, glitter, gems, and more). This is a hands-on science party that is perfect for kids of all ages.

Slime Workshop! Creative, messy and noisy fun!
17 Jul, 11:00 – 13:00 BST
St Withburga Ln, Dereham NR19 1ED, UK

* Learn the basics and how to make our most popular and trending slime recipes from our team of Slime Experts


* Led by our team of Slime Experts, our workshop consists of sharing slime tips and tricks for a variety of slime bases.

*Make your own slime stress balls using Orbeez and take it home.

* Customize your own slime creation by adding color, scent, texture, and beads!!

*After you finish with your creations, you can dance and meet new friends, while yummy treats and drinks will also be offered


  What is a slime party? 

It’s the best kind of messy, creative, and always a blast, Party! Kids love making slime, especially when they get to take it home!
DIY Slime Party is jam-packed with fun, slimy things! The children get to make their perfect slime, in a secure and safe way. 
You choose which slime, the children will be learning to make,  Unicorn Slime, Mermaid Slime, Rainbow Slime, Clear Slime (ideal for boy's), Putty slime (ideal for the little children).
Then the kids can add glitter, foam beads, fake snow, glow in the dark powder, water-beads, fruity beads, etc...
We love to make our SLIMES smell gorgeous and the children can add scents that we will have available on the day.

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About us

We are the pioneers of Slime party entertainers in the UK.

We started our first slime parties in 2018 and we specialize in dynamic, creative, and fun Parties.

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