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Our Slime Party Kit is the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to your next birthday party.
You can also buy our fluffy unicorn poo slime, and rainbow slime without having to throw a slime party. Or if you would like to make your own slime you can get our slime activator.
We also offer free downloadable slime party invitations to make your planning easier.

Get ready to take your DIY slime-making to the next level with our Slime Activator! This 500 ml bottle is enough to activate over 5 litres of glue – perfect for a slime party with your friends or family.

This specially formulated solution is designed to instantly transform your basic slime ingredients into the perfect gooey, stretchy, and colorful slime. Simply add a few drops of our activator to your glue mixture and watch as the magic happens. Our activator is safe and non-toxic, making it perfect for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. Say goodbye to failed slime attempts and get ready to create the ultimate slime masterpiece at your next party with our Slime Activator!


Slime Activator

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