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Hello and welcome to DIY SLIME PARTY, with us you can learn How to host a slime party, how to make slime, bath bombs, and other kid's DIY and creative activities

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Image by Joshua Eckstein

What do We Teach?

How to make your own slime and where to buy the fabulous slime ingredients? 

Learn how to make your own slime, and how to make Fluffy slime, crunchy slime, cloud slime, unicorn slime, and many more. I will also give you all our secrets on how to make and where to buy slime ingredients in the UK.

How to Host a Slime Party?

After spending over one year selling over 6000 slimes on eBay, we decided to host our own parties, now we are not allowed to have more than 6 people at home, so I will teach you how to make your small birthday party for your child.

How to Make Fluffy Slime?

Fluffy slime has been one of the biggest hits, as kids toys go, it feels amazing, I would guess just like touching a cloud :)  and it is much less sticky than the typical slime. I will also teach you how to make it even less sticky using a borax solution, which I will also teach you to make.

How to Make Slime? 

Making slime has been one of the most stressful and relaxing jobs I ever had.

Before I knew, what I was doing, I failed and failed again, but as soon as I got the trick and I finally found all the ingredients, it was an absolutely amazing feeling of success and amazement. In our blog  How to make slime?  you will find it all on one page. You will see how easy it is.

We know choosing a present for a child is a nightmare, so we also give you some tips, how to buy a kid a present, choosing by age

Tips for choosing toys for kids

Toys help kids learn about the world around them. Children pick up new skills when playing, learn about cause and effect, or even learn about relationships and roles within the family.


A child's age is one of the first ways to shop for new toys, here are some of our tips.


Infants aged 0 to 12 months enjoy brightly colored toys that make noise or move when touched. Choose toys that have no small pieces for children in this age group. The youngest children in this group enjoy simple toys that rattle or small, lightweight, colorful stuffed toys. As infants grow and are able to roll or sit up, they enjoy toys that react to a press of a button or a bump against the floor.


Toddlers 12 to 24 months old enjoy toys that let them interact with their environment. Colorful, lightweight blocks or stacking toys with rounded edges, musical instruments, and beginner electronic toys are all popular choices. When toddlers begin walking, toys that are designed to be pushed around the room are also good choices. 


Two- to 4-year-old  enjoy play sets that mimic daily adult life and interactive toys. At this age, kids like seeing what happens if they push or pull on a toy. They also enjoy play tables with interactive features and electronic toys. It's easy to delight them with toys that feature favorite animated characters from popular media like TV shows and movies.


Children from 5 to 7 years old enjoy a variety of toys. Ride-on toys, electronic toys, action figures, and remote control toys are all popular. These types of toys use entertainment to encourage kids to begin learning skills that carry through to adulthood.


Eight- to 11-year-old kids benefit from taking more control, and that shows in their toys. Like bikes and scooters encourage active play. Building kits support STEM skills. Arts and crafts kits encourage creativity and the development of fine motor skills. Blaster toys, action figures, and games are also popular toys that support a child's creativity and imagination.


Kids aged 12 years old and up begin to see toys that support more advanced STEM skills and learning. Larger bicycles help keep kids active as they grow. Advanced electronics and musical instruments support learning and music appreciation. Building sets and blocks keep kids busy for hours. Games are useful for larger families or when kids are having a friend over.


slime party uk.jpg

Who are we?


We are a group of  Children's entertainers in Norfolk,

which specializes in dynamic and fun Parties.

Unfortunately, we are still not allowed to host any parties,

so, we decided to teach you how to make the best slime,

where to buy all the ingredients, and many DIY activities.

 We will update our blog every week, with new children's

arts and crafts.

 Our main focus is to provide everyone, with the skills,

and tools, to be creative and use their imagination. 


Slime Gift box, personalised by you.

Personalise your own Slime, without all the mess!

Choose from the list:

2 colours

2 glitters

1 topping 

1 scent

You will receive this packed in a small box ready for Christmas.

Please note this is a 12 oz slime.

All our slimes are made to order, so it might take up to 2 days for postage.

Free delivery in orders over £15