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 DIY Slime Workshops!

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Slime workshop and Children's entertainers in Norfolk , Dereham 



​Our Workshops are a great, sensory (or is that scent-sory?) experience!

For this event, there will be all of the following:

Slime, temporary tattoos, stress ball, cake, sweets, a disco, and, to take everything home, a party bag!

What will the children do?

1. Fluffy slime 13oz!

2. Glow in the dark slime 13oz!

3. Glow in the dark, or glitter, tattoos!

4. Stress Ball!

5. Cake and Monster disco!

6. Costume competition - the first prize winner will receive a Chupa-Chups lolly stand(approx. 200 lollies)!

Each child will take home everything they make, and decorate, in their party bag, which will be provided.


Children are welcome to change clothes, into their costumes, after making slime, but, we will provide aprons to avoid much mess, if they want to dress up for all of it!

Our Workshops are available, and ideal, for many kinds of Events.

It is as cool as it sounds! DIY Parties are becoming very popular, for kid's birthday parties, and we'd love to provide your party entertainment. Get in touch via the contact info, at the bottom of the page.

Useful tip, for all parents:

In case you are worried about Slime getting everywhere, white vinegar, and a soft scrubbing pad, will remove slime from everything.


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