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Fluffy Slime Recipe

This recipe has been tried and tested by our slime party entertainers and also by many children, from our slime parties. 


  Preparing the slime activator or slime solution, using borax powder:


 In 1 cup (230ml) of warm water, add 1 table spoon (5g) of Borax.

 Mix it in well, and poor it into a safe bottle and in a safe place out or reach of the children. This is called, Slime activator. 


     Making fluffy slime with borax and foam.

  • Fill the bowls with 100ml of glue using a 100ml Graduated Beaker

  • Add 2 cups of foam to the glue.

  • Mix the glue with the foam.

  • Add the colouring to the mixture.

  • When the slime is one uniform colour, it means its ready, you can add the 5ml of Borax Slime solution. Remember to shake the bottle.

  • You can now mix it for about 2 minutes and start using your hands.

  • Now its time to decorate your beautiful slime.