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How to make Bath Bombs

What are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are a mixture of wet and dry ingredients that are hard-packed and moulded into various shapes before being left to dry out. These dried out "bombs" effervesce when wet. They are used to add essential oils, moisturiser, scent, bubbles or colour to bath water.

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Kids?

When a bath bomb is made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, it is completely safe even for sensitive skin or for children.

Kids bath bombs should be made with natural ingredients only, as a child's skin is much more sensitive and prone to irritation than that of an adult's.

I love a good immersion bath. The suggestion I give you is easy, quick and economical. Here is the "recipe" for making your bath bombs.


1 cup of baking soda

1/2 cup powdered citric acid

Essential oils

Bath bombs molds

(These quantities allow to make about 14 bath bombs)


First, strain the baking soda into a large bowl with the help of a strainer.

Then we add the powdered citric acid - the equivalent of half a cup - and mix everything, very well, so as not to get grain.

Now it's time to add our essential oil (to everyone's taste). We can use a single fragrance or several, the choice is ours. Approximately 3 ml of oil is sufficient for this amount. If we want a more intense aroma we can increase the amount - but I think it will depend, a lot, on the oil we are using.

If we want we can add a food colouring, to give colour, and it should be not water-based. Attention, do not use too much dye!

When everything is well mixed and without grains, it's time to use a few drops of water - you can also use virgin olive oil or even coconut oil - to make the mixture mouldable. A spray bottle can be a great help - spraying 3 or 4 times is ideal, but it depends a lot on the liquid you use - because the goal is for the mixture to become thicker. You should add the liquid slowly and slowly, because too much water would make the result less consistent.

Finally the time has come to put the mixture in the molds - we can use several types of molds, silicone balls are also a good option. The molds must be completely filled.

About 3

hours later the bath bombs are ready to use, but if you prefer, wait for the next day. It is important to be careful when unmolding so as not to be left without pieces - as it happened to me, it is a case of saying that haste is the enemy of perfection!

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