• Up to 2 hours play

  • Party Host

  • Personalized party invitations

  • Jars to grow the crystal

  • Stress-ball

  • Gift-bags 

  • Water-beads stress balls

  • Aprons

  • Setup and cleanup

  • Glitter tattoos

Crystal Growing.

Crystal growing is one of my favorite things, but for this party, we will need access to a cooker so we can boil the water and dissolve the borax.

Then the kids will be taught how to achieve the design they wish, they will also be able to dye it  any colour they wish.

Like most of our Parties, we will also let the children have a go at making stress-balls

We love interacting with the children, as children entertainment is such a rewarding job, so to make sure the party is even more successful the children will also learn how to make glitter tattoos, using our personalized tattoo stencils, please note we make these to order.

All children will be provided with an apron, to avoid any mess on their clothes. 


We have great girl's, and boy's, party invitations ideas, and we will design yours, representing  the party you are throwing. 

Our Crystal Parties last about 2 hours, and everyone will make one crystal. They will also have a go at making their tattoos, and will learn how to make a stress-ball, using water beads.

All children will be provided with aprons, and a party bag, with sweets.

We will provide jars so everyone can take their crystal home as the crystal will grow overnight.

All children will be provided with aprons, and party bags, with sweets.

We can come to your house/garden, or Venues, and, in case you are worried, they might ruin your house, we have Gazebos big enough for up to 30 children. (weather dependant). 

£150 up to 15 children

    (£7.50 extra child)

Our children's entertainers will pack your party with engaging, interactive, and fun, creations which will keep the children completely engrossed, from start to finish, and make every child feel like the star of the show!

diyslimeparty@gmail.com                                                                                             07487508376